Named after my roommate's girlfriend who called as I was preparing it, the dish I ate for supper tonight. While quite a simple and humble dish, it's delicious and satisfying—I find it to be a mild, yet tantalizing mixture of flavors and textures. And it's quite facile—it can easily be prepared in a dorm room. I was vaguely inspired by Japanese food, though it's quite a liberal interpretation. But hey, it's tasty. It could probably stand to have some tofu, seitan, or somesuch added to provide some protein.

ingredients necessary


  1. make about 500cc sushi rice (250cc rice, 250ml water). while that recipe recommends that rice used as a side dish not be flavored with mirin, I find that that improves the flavor. if using a steamer rather than cooking on a stove, use equal amounts rice and water, and steam for 48 minutes.

    while the rice cooks

  2. cut the cucumber: Cut off about a third of the fruit. Cut the very tip off of that third. Slice lengthwise into 2mm thick slices. Eat the slices that are mostly peel. Cut the slices in half lengthwise, so that you have bloated right triangles of cucumber with a little arc of peel.
  3. receive call from roommate's girlfriend. find roommate, give him cordless phone. return to room and resume preparations.
  4. cut the avocado: Cut the fruit in half lengthwise, and twist apart. Peel the half without the pit. Slice and cut the fruit into bits about 2 cm x 1 cm x 5mm.

    when the rice is done

  5. mix in mirin if you are so inclined.
  6. place into a bowl a layer of rice about 2cm thick. sprinkle with gomasio do not pack it tightly. arrange cucumber slices and avocado bits on top of the layer. sprinkle with more gomasio.
  7. repeat to add a second layer.
  8. repeat to add a third layer. be sure to arrange the vegetables in an attractive radial pattern. ring the outside of the bowl with cucumber slices standing up, propped between the rice's edge and the bowl. add shoyu.

  9. Serve with miso soup and mineral water, or preferably a Gin and Tonic. Enjoy.

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