A villain published by DC Comics. Killer Moth first appeared in Batman #63 in 1951.

While serving time in prison, the man who would become the Killer Moth came up with the idea to emulate Batman, but rather than fighting for justice, he would support the criminal element. When prisoner 234026 finally left the penal system, he had his plan ready and put it into action.

Taking the money that he had hidden from his criminal past, the prisoner established an identity as Cameron Van Cleer, a millionaire playboy. Beneath his lavish estate, he created a base of operation, including an arsenal of high-tech gadgets and a costume to hide his identity. Calling himself the Killer Moth, Van Cleer called all of the heads of the criminal element together and offered to aid them for a percentage of the take. He gave them a moth signal, that could only be seen through specially designed lenses.

Cameron Van Cleer didn't realized how close to Batman's lifestyle he actually had come. Through his society contacts, he became acquaintances with Bruce Wayne. In his costumed identity, the Killer Moth clashed with Batman, trying to match the Dark Knight's intelligence and often times failing and ending up in jail, with his secret identity as Van Cleer discovered.

When the Killer Moth next escaped, he decided to kidnap his old friend Bruce Wayne and hold him for ransom. In the process of the kidnapping, the Killer Moth discovered Wayne's alternate identity as Batman. He was preparing to reveal Batman's identity to the world when he was shot by police. The bullet lodged in his skull and had to be removed, but at the cost of some of his memory. Conveniently, he no longer remembered Batman's identity.

Later during another attack on Bruce Wayne at a social function, the Killer Moth was attacked by a young woman dressed in a Batman inspired costume. The young woman was Barbara Gordon, the niece of Gotham's police commissioner, James Gordon. Barbara was on her way to a costume party when she saw the Killer Moth attempting to kidnap Wayne a second time. Her intervention allowed Wayne enough time to slip away and return as Batman to help defeat the villain. Due to this battle, Barbara subsequently adopted the identity of Batgirl.

The Killer Moth employs a number of high tech devices similar to the ones used by Batman. He has a car and plane that transport him as well as a rope and grappling hook type apparatus for swinging between buildings. Although not as good a combatant as Batman, the Killer Moth is a formidable hand-to-hand fighter.

Recently, it was revealed that the Killer Moth's real name is Drury Walker. The demon Neron offered to give Killer Moth and a number of other villains power in exchange for their souls. Killer Moth, who felt he had become something of a joke amongst the other villains, accepted and was transformed into Charaxes, an inhuman insect beast with sharp claws and the ability to spit corrosive liquid.

Thanks to Jet-Poop for the info on the Killer Moth's new look.

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