Obvious note, but this is a dream, so it's probably a bit confusing.

Kiefer Sutherland in a white suit with gold-plated sunglasses, jumps out of a bus. Obviously, he has a gun in his hand. It appears that he is chasing the naked woman who just disappeared into a small house.

The door is open. Kiefer runs into the first room and looks around. There is no furniture. Nothing at all in this house except cardboard boxes, some of them huge. Kiefer walks up to the biggest of the boxes and opens it with a pistol whip. The naked woman is in the box, smudged with blood. Having confirmed she is dead, Kiefer immediately takes his gun in both hands, holding it up in alert position, close to his face. The door to the next room is open wide.

He walks into the second room, which is also empty, except for a few more boxes. There is a window at the opposite wall. Kiefer checks the window first, but it is locked and there's nobody to see outside. He walks up to the box on the left, gun in one hand again, and opens it. Nothing but a bit of garbage.

The box on the right is bed sized. Kiefer turns to it and opens it carefully. Two well-built men lying on their backs with closed eyes. Naked except for their underwear, but only the one to his right is covered in blood. Kiefer checks him first and confirms that he is dead. He turns to the other man and checks his pulse, then shakes him.

"Can you hear me? Get up! What happened?"

Without a response, the man opens his eyes and slowly, almost casually, rises. Not a smudge on his well-groomed body. Still without a word, he is standing in front of Kiefer with his hands down. Kiefer raises his gun: "Say something! Are you the killer?"

With a glance toward the lifeless body, the man says: "No, but it will be a lot harder for me to find love again now."

Iron Noder Challenge 2017

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