Kids are cool.

Children are refreshing. They are brutally honest, because they don't see the reason to tell anything but the truth. They aren't afraid to ask questions. They learn new things everyday. They are the portion of society that isn't world-weary and bitter. They aren't quite sure what to expect from the world and consequently keep their minds open to possibilities.

Kids can hold your gaze unflinchingly, and it doesn't make them uncomfortable. They want to eat everything, which is gross to us but essentially tastes pretty good to them. They have funny clothes and usually a great sense of humour. They say silly things. They like to yell. They like to run around naked, which makes no difference to them because they don't have any hangups about their bodies. They like green grass, dogs, finger-paint, toads, cookies and hugs, and we all know that this is the real meat and potatoes of happiness anyway.

Kids are vulnerable. They are easily convinced and influenced. We have to protect them, because they cannot protect themselves. The world is a scary place, and children make us want to fix it. Kids are the reason people get to be mothers and fathers.

Some kids can be brats. But that's because they're kids. We were all kids too. I can't think of very many children I hate. But I could probably think of a few "adults".

They are raw. They have energy to spare. I can laugh with a kid for hours, until we aren't laughing at anything anymore, just each other and ourselves. Kids have the most marvellous laughter.

This was a nodeshell. I'm sad it took this long for someone to fill it.

Kids show us the most raw things in our culture. They pick up our obsessions with sex and violence while understanding neither of them. They establish pecking orders among each other, form into knots, follow the examples that they see in older people, too young to not say the things they're not supposed to say and not see the things they're not supposed to see. A child does everything for the sheer enjoyment of it, and most of them do it for personal gain alone, having not learned altruism yet -- and we call it cute.

Having said that, I love kids, at least the pure ones, the ones that society hasn't bogged down with all its shit, which is to say, anyone under the age of five, when the pressures of school and television begin to influence them. I have two little cousins that are the cutest things in the world, and I make faces at babies i see everywhere -- I've gotten children to stop crying in stores just through surreptitious goofy looks.

Yeah, i guess Kids are Cool.

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