Ken Reid (1919-1987) was a writer and artist for many popular strips in British comics such as the Beano and Buster.
His first strip was the Adventures of Fudge the Elf which he drew for the Manchester Evening News between 1938 and 1961.
After that, during the 50s and 60s he drew Roger The Dodger and Jonah for the Beano, Angel Face for the Dandy and Frankie Stein for Wham!, Whoopee! and Shiver And Shake.
He also created the back cover posters (Creepy Creations, Wanted critters and World Wide Weirdies) for Shiver And Shake and Whoopee! which were caricatures and monsters done in a style similar to those done by Basil Wolverton for Mad and Plop!.
His final strip was Face-ache which he wrote and drew for Buster until his death in 1987.
His strips were normally boldly inked and the characters typically had bulging eyes and mad grimaces.

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