Ken Dodd M.B.E. is a British comedian, famous for his buck teeth, tickling stick and Diddy Men. He also invented the Jam Butty mines and Black Pudding plantations of his native Knotty Ash. Still doing (as of 2000-2001) up 65 live shows a year, he says he'd 'like to perform in every theatre in the UK'. He also had many hit singles. At the time he learnt the art of variety comedy you were expected to sing in your act. As Ken had a good voice, he was 'snapped up' by the record companies, and released many records, often romantic ballads (given below). His 1965 No. 1 hit, 'Tears' was at the top for 4 weeks!

Ken Dodd is not a stage name, he was really born Ken Dodd, on 8th November 1927 in Liverpool.

"The trouble with Freud is that he never had to play the old Glasgow Empire on a Saturday night after Rangers and Celtic had both lost." Ken Dodd

"Ken Dodd is the greatest stand up comedian that this country has ever produced, he is value for money and a tonic for everyone. He reluctantly leaves the stage well after midnight not wanting to let his audience go. He is the last of the greats." A Fan

Singles Discography (With highest chart posistion)

1960 Love Is Like A Violin/ The TreasureIn My Heart #8
1960 Dream That I Love You/ Jealous Of You
1961 Once In Every Lifetime/ Just For A While #28
1962 Pianissimo/ If My Heart Was A Ship #21
1962 Come To Me/ More Than Anyone I Know
1962 The Key/ Remember I Love You
1963 Still/ Melodie #35
1963 Eight By Ten/ I'll Love You Tenderly #22
1964 Happiness/ All Of My Life #31
1964 So Deep Is The Night/ On One's Listening #31
1965 Tears/ You And I #1
1965 The River (Le Colline Sono In Fioro)/ Someone Like You #3
1966 Promises/ Thank You For Being You #6
1966 More Than Love/ I Can't Seem To Say Goodbye To You #14 1966 It's Love/ House With No Windows #36
1967 Let Me Cry On Your Shoulder/ I Am Two Kinds Of Fool #11
1967 Mine/ Then There Was You
1967 The Same Mistakes/ Call Me Mr.Sunshine
1968 Kisses From A Clown/ And You Were There
1968 I Can't Hold Back My Tears
1969 With You Beside Me/ More Than Ever Now
1969 Tears Won't Wash Away My Heartache/ How Can I Say I'm Sorry #22
1969 Sweet Memories/ Don't Say A Word

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