He was the winner of The Apprentice for season two. Kelly was up against Jennifer Massey, the other of the two finalists, for the Apprentice position in one of Donald Trump's companies. (The Apprentice is a reality tv show where contestants compete for a job in one of Trump's companies. See the node for more information).

Kelly Perdew was born in 1967 and is from Carlsbad, California. He currently holds a Bachelor of Science degree from West Point, earned his MBA from the Anderson School of Law at UCLA, and earned his JD from the UCLA School of Law. Not only did he have outstanding education in University, Kelly also excelled in his military service. He served as a military intelligence officer in the United States Army after completing Ranger and Airborne training.

Kelly is a quiet guy, almost too quiet, as his lack of passion almost kept him from being chosen The Apprentice. But he played the game well, didn't draw much attention to himself with any antics or crazy stuff that got several of the other contestants fired. You hardly noticed he was there until there were only a handful left. But despite this demeanor, his record indicates he is passionate. His team won almost every project he was on. But his Apprentice record notwithstanding, his real life record in business is also very important with this man. He is chairman and cofounder of MotorPride (a website for car, truck, and motorcycle lovers), he was president of CoreObjects Software, acting president of www.eteamz.com, and co-founder, President & CEO of K12 Productions, LLC, an event marketing and production company.

The biggest question with Kelly Perdew was does his military career success translate into business success? Would that kind of experience prepare him to run the continuing construction of Trump Place, a $4 billion dollar project on Manhattan's West Side that will be over a dozen city blocks long (so long it has its own zip code!) Only time will tell.

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