The Kel-Tec P-11 is a relative newcomer to the world of small, easily concealed pistols. Similar in size to a Walther PPK, the P-11 shoots a 9mm Luger round, considered by many to be the minimum for a primary weapon. Because of its small size, however, the P-11 can just as easily be carried as a backup or a deep concealment weapon. Of course, given its small size, there are certain trade-offs that one must make. It weighs under a pound, and thus felt recoil will increase. Still, it'll put a 3-inch grouping from a bench rest at 15 yards, which is excellent for any small pistol.

I particularly like the feel of this gun. Though tiny, it feels like you're holding a much larger handgun because of the exceptional ergonomic design.

Here are some technical specs:

Caliber:       9 x 19mm Luger
Weight:        14 oz. (400g)
Length:        5.6" (142mm)
Height:        4.3" (109mm)
Width:         1" (26mm)
Sight radius:  4.6" (116mm)
Muzzle energy: 400ft/lbs (540J)
Capacity:      10+1 rounds
Action:        Semiautomatic
Trigger pull:  9 lbs

There are a lot of nifty modifications that can be made to this gun to improve performance, change the look, feel, or even caliber (with a .40 S&W conversion kit).
The suggested retail price of the gun is $319, but you can pick up a P-11 for about $230-280 if you look around.

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