San Francisco inhabitant of many skills. Originally from Boston, but he took the California plunge about ten years ago and seems to be grumpily happy about it. He writes and draws The K Chronicles, a great comic strip that's published online by Salon and has words of insight like "Don't take acid at Disneyland. Just don't.", and he's the singer of the Marginal Prophets, a SF based eccentric hip-hop band. God knows how he manages to pull off two careers at once, but he does it and well, and he's a kind guy.

In 1984, Keith Knight was the official Michael Jackson impersonator of Jordan Marsh, a department store in Boston. According to his website, he is only slightly ashamed of this.

Keith also draws a comic for called (T)hink and has published two books: Dances With Sheep and "Fear of a Black Marker". He was also featured in a book called Face Forward: Young African American Men at A Critical Age.

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