Played by Shauna MacDonald.

Katya, a clairvoyant, was vocally opposed to the Companions' presence on Earth, and was able to use her abilities to infiltrate the Commonality and learn some of the Taelons' secret plans. As a result, Zo'or hired the assassin Judson Corr to kill her.

Katya forsaw her death, and was determined to leave her knowledge of the Taelons behind. As she lay dying in the hospital, poisoned by a DNA-triggered weapon, her psychic memory and understanding were transferred to William Boone.

The most striking secret held in Katya's mind was that the Taelon scout Ma'el, who had spent centuries on Earth, wanted to prevent the Taelons from colonizing Earth in the future, so he gave some humans psychic abilities.

Katya died after the transfer, and after Boone revealed the information to him, Da'an agreed to keep it a secret from the rest of the Synod.

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