I'm not sure people realize how much impact a hurricane can have. G.W.Bush does, at least. Today he said New Orléans may need a decade to recover... a lot of editorials floating around seem to say that it still has a long way to go, and that the US gulf coast struggles, a year after the coming of Katrina.

As Ernesto nears, switching up and down from hurricane to tropical storm, pain lingers... Wounds of Katrina are slow to heal, and the empty streets of New Orléans weep, Katrina's legacy being a coast of ghost towns. Pain and fury still rage a year after the catastrophy. Bush praises a `sense of renewal' along the gulf coast but uneven progress marks the efforts to rebuild. As the first hurricane of the season forms, New Orléans remembers Katrina, and struggles to attract former residents back -- while Bush sees a 'hopeful future' for the region.

The gulf coast needs our prayers, help them. New Orléans is still a shell of its former self, and Katrina errors mar the Bush legacy. It has been a year of tears in Louisiana... now silence after the storm.

The Mississippi's recovery moves in fits and starts, volunteers are still helping, residents still wait for others to join. At least they have some hope, and resolve will see them through the Big Easy's rebirth, which is unfortunately proving difficult. The storm's fallout has so many lives in limbo, dreams on hold, and lessons unlearned. There's now the Katrina syndrome, thriving amidst devastation... Birds sing after a storm, of the survivors' tales of life on the mend.

Bush affirms aid for Katrina-ravaged areas who have lived with this tragedy every day. Feds say New Orléans is storm-ready, though some are less optimistic. They say 'Please Help Us' - even now, the storm's impact is still strong. Regardless, Bush is enduring the criticism over Katrina... You can say it was a flood of ineptitude that flowed from Katrina, but Bush sees 'renewal'.

In New Orléans, the bravest still think 'Yes we can': that lessons must be learned.

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