Kaspar Olevianus (1536-1587) was one of the founders of the Reformed Church of Germany and a co-auther of the Heidelberg Catechism. He was born August 10, 1536, near Treves. He was the son of a baker who was also the mayor and senator for his town. At fiveteen he went to Paris to study law.

In 1558 he went to Geneva to study theology with greats of the Reformer movement like Calvin, Beza, Farel, Bullinger, and Martyr.

When he was 23 he returned to Treves to commence his ministry. He used his latin classes as an excuse to preach the Reformed message, giving decidedly evangelical sermon on justification by faith alone. Eventually he was arrested for his preachings and banished from the city.

He went to the town of Heidelberg, where he was court preacher and professor of philosophy. While there he co-authored the Heidelberg Catechism with Zacharias Ursinus and later the Palatinate Liturgy.

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