Karen Gillan is a Scottish actress, born in 1987, who first rose to fame with the role of Amy Pond in Doctor Who, starting in 2010. Karen Gillan's most noticeable features are being really tall 5'11, with really long legs, and having bright red hair. Her three years on Doctor Who as Amy Pond cemented her in the geek consciousness, and she capitalized on it by branching out into many different roles.

Along with Doctor Who, Karen Gillan's most famous roles are as Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers, and as Ruby Roundhouse in the Jumanji franchise. A recurring role in two big budget franchises probably means her acting career is secured for a while, but she has also acted in other films, such as the horror film Oculus, the dramatic film All Creatures Here Below, and wrote and directed her own dramatic film, The Party is Just Beginning, as well as a number of other roles in various movies. She seems to take all her acting jobs seriously, whether it is a science-fiction spectacular, or her own independently produced film.

And although such things can certainly be rolled and manipulated in the days of social media, and everyone in Hollywood has a publicist, she seems like a sensible and nice person. Being only 32 years old, we can hope that Karen Gillan will get to act in a variety of roles in the years to come.

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