Kalle Lasn was born in Tallinn, Estonia during the middle of World War II, and spent his childhood in a German displaced persons camp. At the age of seven, his family immigrated to Australia, where he later earned a Bachelor of Science in pure and applied mathematics from the University of Adelaide. In 1970, he immigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada where he currently resides with his wife Masako.

Since 1989, after being refused airtime for a TV spot about the disappearing old-growth forests of the Pacific Northwest, Lasn has been fighting a human rights battle for our rights to communicate through any media. His realization that "there is no democracy on the airwaves" led to the foundation of The Media Foundation, Adbusters magazine, Powershift Advertising Agency and the Culture Jammers Network, organizations that lead a fight to decontruct advertising culture and reveal the media trance that television and other American cultural symbols hold on its populace. Lasn is a culture jammer, part of a loose global network of media activists who aim to change the way information flows, the way institutions wield power, the way television stations are run and the way the food, fashion, automobile, sports, music and culture industries set their agendas.

Lasn's documentaries have won him fifteen international awards, and have been broadcast internationally on such networks as PBS and CBC. He is also the author of Culture Jam: The Uncooling of AmericaTM, where he explains the essence of culture jamming and media activism.

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