The Prince of War; the Vagrian general who paid Waylander to kill King Niallad. He betrayed Waylander, plotting to kill the assassin when he came to collect payment for his work. Waylander found out about this plan, and came to Kaem in the night with the intent to kill. Kaem's only son tried to prevent Waylander from killing his father, but was killed. Kaem swore revenge, but lived in fear of the return of Waylander for the rest of his life. Kaem lead the Vagrian army which was laying siege to Dros Purdol. He was killed by Waylander at the siege as he jumped from a window of the fortress. Kaem was one of the best Vagrian generals to lead the forces, and even though his army had lost the siege of Dros Purdol, he still belived that he could return and best the Drenai.

-- Source: Waylander by David Gemmell.

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