AM 1300--KPTL! Your source for oldies and news in Northern Nevada.

In 1954, KPTL was founded here in Carson City, Nevada. The letters were, originally, not a four-letter way to spell "capital," (though Carson City is Nevada's capital) but as an acronym for K-Praise The Lord. It would only follow that the station was primarily Christian programming, right?

Well, around 1980, the station finally folded and went bankrupt. The station and call sign were available and the Silver Club snatched them up. They changed the lineup to hits from the '50s, '60s as well as local news.

Since KPTL's inception into a casino's sphere of corporate influence, the station has gone through few changes. Sometime around 1990, AM1300's lineup began to include '70s hits, too. Just recently, the station upgraded the equipment to incorporate a computer into programming.

Air personalities include Scott Gahagen, the midday program director; Jarvis Kaler, the afternoon program director; and Terrie Q. Sayre, the news and occasional morning personality. KPTL hosts other features, too, like CBS News at the top of each hour. Also on weekday mornings, there's "Don Imus in the Morning," a talk show hosted by a miserable creature in New York City who could only possibly be given a nationwide radio program through some kind of irreversible clerical error.

Those of you in Northern Nevada and some places in the California Sierra, tune in to KPTL AM 1300 for a change. FM stations are overrated.

Update! 2004: Over the summer, KPTL has phased-out their musical diversions and switched the daily broadcast program to pure talk--Don Imus in the morning, and local personalities spewing the news all day long. Oldies are still broadcast at night, earning fractions of a cent per play (Great news for you, Billy!).

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