KMX Energy Drink gets my vote for "Energy Drink with the Least to Recommend it". The nutritional content is minimal, the additives with frightening names plentiful, and the flavor only so-so.

Even their web site is lame. will give you absolutely zero content unless you have not only shockwave, but a non-standard shockwave add-on called Beatnik Xtra.

But that aside, let's get on to the facts

KMX comes in the tall skinny can style that is the norm for energy drinks, in a 8.4 oz 250 ml size with big letters that read :

Made with Choline, Ginseng, Guarana and Yerba Maté
Contains B-Vitamins
Energy Drink
Think fast.
Take action.
Test the limits.
Push them!
Drink Chilled

Nutrition Facts:
Calories: 120
Total Carb: 31 g (10%)
Niacin: 20%
Vitamin B6: 20%
Vitamin B12: 10%
Sodium: 75 mg (3%)


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