Quite possibly the best thing to happen to KFC since Honey BBQ Wings and the infamous Cheese Topping.

The device in question is quite simply a platform on wheels with 3 tubs of sauce in it, each with some sort of heating element underneath to keep the sauce hot. Several pieces of chicken will typically be dipped in one of three sauces available:

  • Honey BBQ - The classic flavor, sweet and tangy, there's nothing else like it.
  • "Spicy" Buffalo - A new flavor. I'd describe it as some of the Honey BBQ sauce mixed with an equal part of the hot sauce (or Tabasco). Spicyness is medium at best.
  • Sweet n' Spicy - I can't comment much as this is the only flavor I haven't tried, but considering the other two were on the level of liquid crack in my book, one would imagine this variety would follow suit.

The great thing about the flavor station is the versatility, the wonderful sauce technicians will dip your strips, mini wings, boneless wings, and even popcorn chicken. If you are good friends with the staff I imagine they would have no problem dipping any piece of poultry available, possibly a biscuit or corn if that's your thing.

The flavor station is indicative of a positive trend in fast food franchise establishments as of late, the increasing quantity and quality of choices. Something as simple as sauce effectively quadruples the spectrum of flavors on KFC's menu.

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