Justablip Records is an independent electronic music label formed by Kris Weston (aka Thrash, formerly of The Orb. The label is in favor of freedom and against DMCA/DRM type stuff and they want to save us all from the evil RIAA. They offer all tracks on CD as well as Ogg, MP3, & AAC audio files for free via P2P.

The Justablip Records website is at http://www.justablip.co.uk

Their first release was WTF! The Madonna Remix Project, a series of remixes of Madonna's message to P2P users.

    wtf? - the madonna remix project
    01 - steve "the piss" macq-uillen - horse's mouth
    02 - solo idiot - material bitch v1.0
    03 - irixx - rage against decss
    04 - hard off - madonna glitch bot v2.34
    05 - fl4t - give it to me baby
    06 - alt - fuck or suck?
    07 - moribund - wtf lars
    08 - chwangee - i want my rock stars dead
    09 - steve 'the piss' macq-uillen - luddites unite to ruin progress
    10 - digital cutup lounge - what the fuck? (talk radio edit)
    11 - digital cutup lounge and staffer3 - hou hai three
    12 - living produkt - who's domain is it anyway?
    13 - zippy bunghole and the rainbows of light - hugga wugga
    14 - solo idiot - material bitch (minus bitch) v1.03rc9
    15 - steve 'the piss' macq-uillen - support

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