Have you ever thought about how far a thought can take the world? Everything that has been created in the world started off as this small, little thought. Benjamin Franklin thought he could invent electricity by holding a kite up attatched to a key. It was a pretty amazing thing that he did with that one little thought. The computer that you are on right now was just a thought. Some thoughts are big, some are small. The internet was a thought that took the world by suprise. It was told that everything you would want to know would be on the internet someday, and that thought has became reality. The internet was an amazing thought. Martin Luther King had a thought, which was a dream of his. He wanted to end racism and it his thoughts have brought the thought of racism way down. I'm not saying all thoughts are perfect, or all thoughts are will be successful, but thoughts are a good way of starting something great. Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, and you all have thoughts. Maybe someday your thought will become a useful one for everyone world wise. Thoughts are a way of life in the U.S. today, so whats your thought?

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