Just One is a board game/party game released by Repos Production in 2018. It is a fun game, a cooperative game, and easy to learn and to play.

Each player takes a turn guessing a word, while the other players give clues. The player who will be guessing takes a word card and places it facing away from them in a card stand. Each other player reads the word and secretly writes down a one-word clue. The clue-givers then compare their clues, and any duplicates are eliminated. The remaining clues are shown to the guesser. If they can guess the word, the table gets a point. If they give up, the table loses a point. And if they guess wrong, the table loses two points.

While simple, this game is well-balanced. Everyone is challenged to think of a clue that is not-to-common, but even uncertain players tend not to find this challenge overwhelming. The game becomes easier as you learn about the other players -- their style, their knowledge base, and their predictions of your style and knowledge.

The downside to this game is that it plays best with more players. The box says that it can be played with from 3 to 7 players (in the three player variant, each clue-giver provides two clues), but it is best with 6 or 7 players.

The box contains seven small easels, seven whiteboard markers of different colors, a stack of word cards, and an instruction booklet. As you have no doubt already deduced, you could make a low-budget copy of this game yourself. At $20-25 it is perhaps a bit expensive for essentially a set of tiny whiteboard easels, but it is a quite good price for the amount of play you will get out of the game.


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