Good news. Today my ex agreed to pay for half of the bill that I received from the attorney's office that was engaged by the motorist who lost his vehicle during the accident. While it's still a daunting sum of money, owing half is better than having to pay the entire amount. I am extremely grateful for my friends including several of the attorneys I know, one in particular who sat on the phone with me for a couple of hours. Basically I can either pay, in which case I'll have to work out a payment plan with them, or I can not pay since I am what is referred to in the industry as judgment proof. This isn't the great place to be at because it means you don't own anything they can take away like investments, savings, or property that they could put a lien against. I don't have a job so they can't garnish my wages. 

I'll still be receiving a bodily injury bill. Who knows when that will come or how much it will be, but there isn't anything I can do about it other than wait and pray that these are legitimate medical expenses and not a ploy to try and get a large settlement. It won't do anyone any good to try and sue me, but that hasn't stopped people before. I'm still scared, but I'm much calmer and more optimistic than I was previously. I don't want my credit to be affected by this, but it might be. If that's the case, I acted in good faith to the best of my abilities. Sometimes bad things happen to people, I will not let this defeat me. Last night I slept on the loveseat because I wanted to start seeing what I can get rid of around the house, and I could sell my bed. I probably won't, but it's good to test these things out just in case. 

I've been walking the neighbor's dog more often. I try and get him for a walk once a day, both of us enjoy the walks even when he's barking and pulling my arm off. He's gotten a lot better behaved since I've been walking him more regularly. I don't know why, but the neighbors rarely walk him. They probably wonder why I don't exercise my children more often and make the choices that I do, I try to refrain from judging others, it's been a hard habit to break. Didn't mow the lawn because I thought it was going to rain today. Has felt like it, very humid here, but no raindrops. I am very proud of myself for facing my ex and being as calm as I was. That was a very difficult thing to do and I faced it squarely.

Another thing that has made me very emotional is the Congressional sit in that's being performed by House democrats. I've been highly critical of politics and politicians in the past, this show of solidarity, courage, and leadership has been heartwarming. I haven't been following Brexit closely, but have been thinking about the people affected by that vote. I forgot to take my B vitamin today, so I felt sluggish and off after my walk. Since I'm going to be providing a picnic for date night on Saturday I've been playing around with recipes. I made These Chocolate Chip Cookies Are Nuts! and found them every bit as good as they were previously. I substituted coconut oil for the butter and felt that made no appreciable difference. Signing off for now, feeling more stable and optimistic today than I have all week. 

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