Well, today I went to the Old English Faire that's held every year around this time at Jubilee College Historic State Park, north of Peoria. This was my third time, and it gets better each year. The Faire surprised me, being as good as it is -- I didn't expect anything this good in Central Illinois, and it's certainly as fine as any one I ever attended in California.

There's the usual things you find at these faires -- people dressed in period costume, historical reenactments, SCA folks, crafts, good food, and so forth. Though I don't go to the extremes with costuming as many, I usually dress as I would if I were going to a Wiccan ritual, and generally try to 'look the part'.

I love going to these events, and when I'm there surrounded by gamers, Pagans, history buffs, and (in general) 'alternative' people, I remember how much I like being amongst "my kind".

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