On community support and expectations


I truly didn't expect to get much attention from my past daylog about a history of E2. However, you've outdone yourselves and I have received many links, users and events to interview, read, research and write about. Thank you very much, everyone. As I said before, I'm not trained in History (and Social Sciences in general) so my approach will surely be lacking from a rigorous point of view. I apologize in advance for my mistakes.

Before I actually let you down with the writeups, I should explain with some detail what I want to do. I'm not aiming to reconstruct the events and community as they happened, that much is paramount to selling snake oil. What I'm after is to set some kind of explanation behind certain singularities on e2, that is, to merely describe what Soy was all about, the general feeling behind those weird corners, the users' reaction to outside events. I want to talk/interview people on their memories of having two digits of new writeups per day, on actually exhausting their daily votes (which has never ever happened to me). I'm not aiming to make a timeline of events, rather a catalogue of ideas and events that happened to happen in this corner of the internet.

So there. Thank you all for your messages and suggestions. This, as with all my other projects, will never be finished, only eventually abandoned. But in the meantime I wish to produce something beautiful and/or interesting, so that others may follow

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