I am up at 2:00 am.

Two years ago I got sick. Now I have strep again. Again it is below the vocals cords. The symptoms are off the scale weird, including insomnia. I did a quick strep in clinic Friday, negative, I went for a blood draw. Last time the streptozyme was 200. That is a strep antibody. This time it's 600. I am on penicillin but I still feel awful. Last time I got septic. I missed grundoon's California memorial. I am scared. I am distracting myself by writing.

I got to sing as a choral ringer at a Lutheran Church yesterday. We sang the Credo from the Robert Ray Gospel Mass. The Lutherans have the Unitarians beaten on music. The service was mostly singing. I was there to sing the high soprano parts, which I am now better at.

Our town is very caucasian. Bunch o' white folks. The credo instructs us to clap on the repeat. I put my music down and clapped. Our director clapped too. The congregation looked rather stiff for a couple of bars and then they clapped too. One of my 90+ year old patients was in the first pew with her daughter. One of my old partners was in the chorus too. It is a small world here.

The IT and I spent the afternoon at the end of season picnic celebration for her mountain bike team. State champions again. The coaches are fabulous. The kids are great. The other parents are awesome.

In the evening I had chorus. We're working on the Mozart Grand Mass. Two weeks to show time, three performances at the Catholic Church in town. And next Sunday I play flute with the chorus at the Unitarian church.

I'm worried that this version of strep is penicillin resistant. It's probably just that I feel awful and it's reminding me of two years ago. On the other hand, I don't think it would hurt to pray.

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