I try to remember if writing these actually 'counts' as a write-up, but after a few moments, realize that I'd continue to type whether it does or not. We've all been smoking weed ('ditchweed,' my sister says and grins at me - I nod sagely back, even though I haven't been smoking long enough to tell the difference) and right now I am feeling fantastic, bold, beautiful.
I realize HTML is not a programming language but at the same time, I am prouder than I ever was by myself to know that I can realize what HTML is bad or unsightly HTML without having to check the bits of source. I know what is and what is not acceptable, what is outdated and what replaces it, and I rejoice in my fingers yearning to learn css and javascript. Still, I realize that in order to truly succeed in my wildest ambition, I must be further than I am now by the time the fall rolls around. This writeup, and many to follow, I'm sure, will serve as my constant reminder. Your wildest ambition can be achieved, and nothing short of it will be true happiness. There is too much to do in life to ever die satisfied, or as They Might Be Giants said, Everybody dies frustrated inside, and that is beautiful. My ambitions are too complex and numerous to list at all, but among them, and in no order whatsoever, are to be involved with Josh in some way for the rest of my life, to name a star, to not want a friendship with Trey any more, to make a living, not a killing, to have someone admire me, to step foot on a yacht, and many many more thousands of millions. William Forrest and my brother sit next to me and play the PlayStation while my sister Alyssa perches on the armchair of the couch we occupy next to me and packs another bowl, reading over my shoulder. "You talk too much," she tells me.
I guess I do.

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