No such thing as a quiet weekend

It all starts friday night. I have a few drinks before heading over to hang out with Ricky at his apartment. We are talking of various relationship items that he is worried about. I explain to him that the distance in a relationship magnifies everything and that he should not worry. I told him that her cell phone could be off, she could have lost it, she could be asleep, etc. All reasons to why she hasn't called you. Later it turned out that I was right. After we had a few beers, we went to a volleyball party for a little bit before heading to BW3s. This is where it gets a little hazy.

There was a large group of guys in very small jean shorts having a few drinks. I knew one of the guys in the group and talked with him for a little bit, but the next thing I know, I am getting into an ambulance holding my nose. From what I have gathered from a few of my friends, I was talking to the guy I knew from the group when someone came up and asked if this was (my name). The guy I was talking to said yeah, he's cool, to which the person who walked up asked if I wanted to go outside. I apparently went outside with him and a few of his friends while one of my friends went to get Scott to come outside. When they got to the door, I was lying on the ground not moving. Scott tried to go after the guy, but he got into a car and took off. I was taken away in an ambulance. When I first got into the squad, I called my girlfriend and asked if she could drive up from Cincy to pick me up from the hospital. I got four stiches in my broken nose, and 15-20 in various places around and inside my mouth. I also got a CAT scan, but was told I only sustained a mild concussion.

I keep telling people that it looks a lot worse than it feels, but they don't seem to believe me. The biggest damage was done to my pride. I just want to know how this all came to happen and why this guy wanted to fight me. I am a fairly large guy, and I have never lost a fight, so I wonder if I was sucker punched or ganged up on or something. I plan on filing charges and hopefully they can find this guy. I was given a prescription for antibiodics and vicodine, but I did not get the pain killers, because I don't need them and I expect that they would have been pretty expensive. My girlfriend talked me into not going to work (I bounce at a bar) Saturday night, so I hung out with her and watched a movie. Sunday morning, she rolled over to look at me and started crying. My face was very swollen, and she was having trouble looking at me. I did my best to console her.

I just feel very embarassed about the whole thing and am torn about pressing charges or not. Had I gotten a simple black eye or bruise on my face, I probably would not have pressed charges, but my face is pretty messed up. I think that I was probably hit multiple times while I was lying on the ground, but I do not know for sure. I get the stiches out Wednesday, so hopefully the swelling will go down a lot in the next few days. I continue to put ice on my face as much as possible.

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