So, I got a promotion. It comes with a better title (but sadly not much more money) and a whack-load of new responsibilities. It's been bubbling for a bit and keeping me from spending time with you lovely folks, and it seems like that's going to continue. I'm going to have to cut out a significant number of extra curricular activities until I get my footing, so I will likely be scarce for a while. Of course, I could fail, in which case I'll be back when I get whacked. But hopefully that's not what happens, at least not right away. Basically this is a career ambition fulfilled about a decade too late, which at least lines up with how many other events in my life have worked out. I'd rather stay here and node, but noding don't pay the bills.

That's not to say I'm all the way out. The urge to contribute can be fought for a while, but never really fades. Plus I might dream up a way to get the Volcano story going again....

Node on, e2 friends, and be excellent to each other. I'll be back.

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