I take showers when I wake up in the morning and for the last three mornings the same spider was trapped in the bathtub. I know it's the same spider because it is a type I've never seen before with long legs and a conical body, very brightly colored.

Each time, I have chased it around the tub with a bit of paper towel and deposited it on the floor. Most people don't like spiders in their house, but I do because they eat silverfish and other nasty critters that might be lurking around the floorboards.

But when you rescue a spider and find it there the next day, and then the day after that, and when it takes you at least seven minutes to get it onto the paper towel to remove it from the tub and it seems to learn better ways to avoid getting on the towel each time...

... well, who am I to argue with Darwin? If it is there again tonight, I'm going to wash it down the drain.

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