On Regret:

Some one told me not long ago about something they regretted.  I don't know whether they intended to say what they did or if they were intending to show humility.  Anyway, after spending a little while last week considering what I might regret, I came up with the following:

Regarding what you said to me the other day, do not dwell on the past.  We all have regrets, but no regret, regardless of the words it inspires, can describe or capture the entirety of our past.  Life is a many headed beast/wonder.  Any idea we have about it is but a glimpse of the shadow of one of it's heads.

Because of the nature of our minds, it can be difficult to realize the good when thinking of the bad, but fortunately, this also goes the other way.  In times of good, the bad is but a distant cloud; out of sight and mind unless we look for it.

Is the now not good?  As is everything, the now is dependent arising.  If the past were different, things would not be the way they are; they could be better or worse.  It is impossible to know which, though.

There is no sense in yearning for what might/could have been as that will only result in dissatisfaction and unhappiness.  If, instead, we (1) focus on all that is good and that we have to be thankful for and we (2) live by our own moral/ethical code and act as we believe we ought to, then life is good.

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