1. Place the following items in a basket: Pen, paper, motivation, inspiration, observation, curiosity.

2. Mail them to Me.

3. In two (2) days you shall receive, in exchange, the following basketed items: Vacuousness, disinterest, body-pollutants (junk food, alcohol), myspace.com, library and video library debt.

4. Feed these items to the dogs.

5. Ta!

Stories from a bouncer

I showed up to the bar at 10pm with a few drinks already in me. I have been trying not to drink too much at work, but it is tough since they are free and there is nothing else to do. Everybody else shows up and after getting the bar ready for drunken shenanigans, we sit at the bar and watch tv.

Nicole gets me a drink without me asking. I thought it was very nice of her and made me feel accepted. The rest of the employees were bullshitting and recapping the previous night. Kendo comes in at 11:30 and I am excited to see him. I haven't talked to him in a few months. He was always nice to me from the beginning and is a really good person. Several drinks later, I am at my post checking IDs and letting the buzz set in. The summers are usually not very busy, but this one has been quite busy. All of the other summers I have been here as a customer, so maybe that skews my opinion somewhat.

People start coming in to the bar around 12 or 12:30 and it quickly gets busy. I finally figure out that I am here to protect customers from the employees, and not vice a versa. Let me explain very quickly, I don't care about my job. I get paid 6.15 an hour with as much as a ten dollar tip out at the end of the night so my only perk is the free drinks (that is why I drink top shelf). Because of this reason, I do not do anything special for the bar. I just want everybody to have a good time, so as long as somebody has an ID that says they are 21, I don't care what the picture looks like on it. I let all sorts of underage people in all of the time as well, so I guess I really have no standards. It would be hypocrytical of me to turn away a bunch of kids trying to get into a bar when I was doing it a few short years ago.

Back to the story, at one point I am just talking to someone and Rob calls me over to the bar. He usually calls me over about twice a night to kick out people. Usually they haven't done anything so I am very nice about it. As long as people aren't dicks towards me, I am not dicks towards them. I am very nice, but after they won't leave I basically just pick the two of them up and carry them outside. As I am kicking them out, Rob comes up to the front and continues to talk shit. I explain to him that if he wants me to do my job, that he should stay behind the bar, and I will take care of everything else. Rob is usually so drunk when he is working that you can barely understand what he is saying anyway.

Right before we started getting people to leave, I see DJ Snowman sprint out of the DJ booth and put this tiny kid in a headlock. I set my drink down and run up to save this kid's life. By the time I get there two other bouncers are up there either trying to get Snowman off of him or helping choke the kid out. I somehow grab the kid and take him outside. I stand by the door and allow nobody to go in or out while I am watching my fellow bouncers surround this guy that is about 6'5" 330lbs. I was not that frightened, but this guy could have caused some damage if he wanted to. Luckily, the guy left without incident. Apparently what happened, was the little guy got ahold of a bottle of well gin somehow and was walking around drinking it. It could have happened while Rob's drunk ass was standing on the bar for 10 minutes yelling at Snowman, who knows. Maybe I need to start drinking less so I can be more effective as security. Or maybe I need to start bringing a video camera into work...That is why I protect the customers from the employees...

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