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Yesterday I did not write a daylog because the day was so fucked up that I did not have the time to (enjoy the postposted preposition, entirely legal in English, entirely bizarre to me).

Anyway, yesterday I arrived at the job and before I could settle in my directorial swivel chair the Lesser Kahuna said "Where have you been you lazy bum, what do you mean you get here at midday, why don't you keep more decent hours, there are people waiting for you !!!"
I said that it was not on my agenda, but it made no difference. I had to endure a meeting, the first of the four that filled my afternoon wall to wall.

So, meetings:

  1. nice but dumb people that want me to help them out of the hole they have fallen into.
    Plan: help out of shitpit. Pat backs.
  2. apparently nice, very professional people inflicted on us by the Big Kahuna for no clear reason.
    Plan: contain and control. Reduce damage.
  3. massively professional people from a large US corporate entity, that got here 40 minutes late, which forced me to merge their presentation with the following
  4. staff meeting ! my good people from the Goosefood Project. This was the most useful meeting.

When I managed to get to my office I had exactly 10 minutes before being late for a very importante date with my SO (something which would have meant a violent and painful volley of recrimination).
There were 17 messages on the accursed answering-machine-mega-phone-of-doom, and 120 new email messages waiting for me and humming to themselves.
At least it seemed as if they were humming. Everything was given cursory attention and more pats on the back.

The following day, that is, today, the 13th of July, more insanity as a demo for the Really Very Big Cheese was hastily lashed together in the form of printed-out web pages and a whole site-on-a-CD, loaded on a portable machine.
The Long Haul division was dedicated today to feeding high quality paper into the color Tektronix printer. Really high tech at times.
So tomorrow morning at about 0930 the said large milk product decides on the future of Project Goosefood.

Now it is 21:40, I am late for nearly everything and there is a growing pile of paper on my desk. I need a secretary or a paper shredder. Maybe both.
Ah, today, more haste as some Important Visitor from Abroad arrived. I rushed to give a presentation, only to realize that my subject (and the time allotted) had been used up by the Polynose, an amusing character about which I will tell you one day.
What else ... my visa is expiring. I certainly hope that the legendarily inefficient legal department will take care of that. Anyway, at this point deportation starts looking really good.

Back at home I have about ... 1600 slides, waiting to be selected, sorted and filed.

Nonetheless, there is happiness in my life ! ideath said that I could publicly smooch her in the chatterbox ! and the dildo chair writeup was appreciated ! in time it may even become one of the Everything obsessions, like lesbians, monkeys and soy. Well, I like to dream, OK ?
13:39 EET

My first day as a monk. Should I get a robe and take a wow of silence now? My co-workers would probably get a kick out of seeing me noding intensely in a bathrobe all day witohut saying a word. And perhaps I could top that by eating a lot of doughnuts all the time? After all, the same word is used for both monk and doughnut in the Finnish language. Then again, eating donuts silently all day wearing a robe would probably make me even rounder than I currently am. So I'll be a monk in name only, Ok?

Yes, I am bored. No need to ask. :)

The long writeup I wrote about yesterday is still under construction. Hopefully it won't be destroyed by a substantial amount of incoherency, which is always a problem with my writings. But it's time to stop babbling about nothing and get on with it.
8:15 AM, Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

Today is the day. Today is the day I return to McDonald's. I'll add to this later and tell y'all how it went and if the curse that manifests itself whenever I set foot inside still remains.

My grandparents came up from Florida and are staying with us until Monday. It's been a year since I've seen them. I am happy.

I should be going to see X-Men tonight, unless something unexpected happens. I'm not too optimistic about the movie, but you never know. If it is good, it'll be the first decent movie of the season...

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today is a good day. nice. sunny. warm.

i've gotten a LOT of stuff done today. i am glad.

this weekend, i wanna run around outside. go play in the river, maybe. rent a boat, perhaps. i want to RUN RUN RUN. i want to be active and outside and soaking up SUN. i've been inside far far too long.

next week, i start going back to martial arts practice. this excites me. i've put on some weight during my convalescence. ugh. oh well. i don't look bad but i don't look as good as i could. that's how i'm choosing to see it. i think that's a healthy attitude.
WUHOO!! My idiot boss (refer to I reserve the right to club you and eat your bones to see how I really feel about him) just got a promotion/new position in another group. Of course, I don't have a clue where this leaves me in the grand scheme of things but it has to be better, right?!? Genie dances around her cube

Since I am already talking about the four letter word (work)...

I have been too freakin' busy this week! I absolutely hate being pulled into last minute projects. Especially when the people doing the writing don't know the difference between "are" and "our". Much to their surprise, spell checker doesn't correct this kind of error. They spent so much space chest-thumping and being arrogant that they weren't even answering the customer's questions. And God forbid that the little peon doing the editting (that would be me) suggest that they actually answer the Yes or No question with a simple Yes or No.

Whew - I feel better now! Didn't realize that was all bottled up inside me!

My hubby and I went to see The Perfect Storm last night. It was pretty good. In hindsight, I am not sure it was worth the $8.50/person price tag. Definately a good snuggle on the couch rental though.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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21:55 BST

It's quite amazing the trouble that a single word can cause.

Anonymous Phonecalls today: 3

It was testing today. Making sure that someone else's code is running correctly. Accusing someone else of not doing their job is more like it. Finding out that someone you respect has been lying about how much work they've done.

Mental note: Look before you leap

I have been given more responsibility at work. I wonder what is happening? Either I am being rewarded because my bosses feel that I am competent to handle the new work, or they are seeing just how much I can cope with before I break.

I found out today that nodes really can make me cry. Not something that I am proud of.

I finally got to present the norwegians with all the financial information I was able to gather. After 7 months of dodging reality, I presented them with everything they need to know to do reasonable decisions. I will have to get back to them to improve the numbers somewhat, but what they made out of it so far was about as expected.

Lost a game of strategy with the representatives of the people of the east, won a rematch. Our heads imploded, I had some nachos and the former barbarian negotiated us a great deal on everyday stimulants.

Restocked on cheap and simple, but necessary security equipment. Someone tried to sell us mobile communication equipment.

Discovered that while my factual write-ups are lucky to get a single vote, the nonsensical ramblings that are my day logs both gather handsome amounts of votes and now even a cool. My XP to node ratio was at 4.17 at login but sank to 3.85 as I added a few more write-ups to reach Level 3. Which I did. Woho!

Work work work. Yuck yuck yuck.

At least I had something to do today. It wasn’t an entire waste of time. I talked to many customers and I noded lots all at once. I actually worked on a node while listening to a customer talk. I guess it helps that I write out my nodes in another window so it looks like I’m working.

Dinner with my dad and stepmom went fine. I’m getting along with my father a lot better than I used to. He listened to me bitch about my job and was very supportive. It was nice to feel like I was 7 years old again. My half-sister threw up on the table during dinner though. She’s only 3, so it’s not that big of a deal for her to do it I suppose. It was just unexpected. I don’t think I’ll be able to eat at Olive Garden again without thinking about that.

This weekend is probably going to be busy. I’m going over to my boyfriend’s house after work for dinner, and then we might get coffee with a friend of mine. I am hoping to see the X-Men movie this weekend, but I don’t think it will happen. Maybe Saturday if I am lucky. I am helping my mom move her desk around in her office before the arrival of the cable modem on Saturday though. Hopefully, I’ll have some time on Saturday to do some dishes because my kitchen resembles a war zone right now. On Sunday I am going to an antique car show in Forest Grove with my boyfriend. Alex likes cars and I like Alex, so I am going to the car show.

I haven’t felt too depressed today, which seems weird since I have spent the last couple of weeks feeling rather shitty. I think its just that it is Friday and payday. I am trying to make an appointment with an EAP counselor to discuss my work issues, but nobody has called me back. Hopefully I’ll be able to talk to someone about my concerns next week.

Nodes That I Wrote Today That I Like A lot:
I am a rape survivor.
The Dog House
I also put up a poem and a short story that I wrote last year.

CD’s I’ve Listened To Today:
Muslimgauze – Fakir Sind
Nine Inch NailsThe Fragile
Liz PhairExile in Guyville
Sebadoh – Bake Sale

A change of musical pace is good.

Well, I think I've decided to tell Stanford I'm taking a year off. The plan is to apply for a job at the Asian Art Museum, and then reapply to Berkeley in the winter. (Wait, do we have winter here?) Stanford is just an option I'm keeping open. So, this will be my first job, whatever I end up doing. Should be interesting, at least. All that depends, of course, on getting a home. I would just love to live in a flat in one of the utterly fabulous Victorian houses in Alameda--which I do think was maligned in the main writeup about it. It is a little like a small town, yes, but it's right between San Francisco and Oakland, isolated from the traffic and troubles of the big cities, and it has its own beach. Very cool, or so I think.

Yes, I'm 22 and I've never had a real job. It makes me feel shiftless or something. So I'm worried about how I'll handle that, and also what to wear when I get to see Starrynight in a few days. Yeah, it's silly, I'm sure, but I'm stuck in this crummy motel with only the clothes I brought with me, and I have major appearance issues anyway. :p BHOT.

And little inspiration. You would think I would have done things in all this downtime, written more postcards or made lots of posts to my PBEM RPG or worked on art projects, but no. Somehow all of this cloudy uncertainty just seems to drain all of my energy away, and I am completely uninspired and unmotivated. I don't even feel like constructive noding. eh.

Today I decided that tommorow the plans I must make to move to Peterborough will be made. My best friend who is moving with me is getting a little irritable and I completely understand why. She hates her current job and would like to know when she could quit. I really should have put more effort into these plans. Well there is a giant storm off to the south east right now so I think i better shut my computer off. :)

It's a glorious day off work! (One that I'm not sick for)

It was as good a time as any to again partake in the hour-long drive off to Oakland University to register for classes. I mean, hey, I've got the time today, why not, right? Except for the fact that registration is over until August 24. Not cool.

Besides that, I've heard news from a good friend of mine, one who seems to travel all over the world and never comes home, that he'll come home in about a week or two. Neat. All the wonders of using free internet long-distance.

After coming in late to work, immediatley began plans for a group lunch. I need to spend as much time with my fellow interns as possible; we now only have 4 weeks left.

We ended up going to a beautiful park in lovely Arlington Heights; there were kids there learning to sail. It was just like me, 10 years ago.

After an hour and a half long lunch, came back to work, grudgingly. At lunch we had made plans to go to the horse track once we got off work, then go to dinner, and then enjoy our vodka watermelon.

We did all three... my first experience at horse betting ended in me losing all of my money. Oh well.

After a long night of drinking, talking, and flirting, the inevitable happened.... the first kiss.

What am I getting myself into??????

But it feels right.....
I had to get up early and go to work, and thus my entire sleeping pattern will be thrown off for close to a week, hopefully less but who knows with such things.

Work is always humorous, and the people, well, it's kind of neat to meet random strangers and be allowed access to their house (or in this case, barn). We were insulating the ceiling in a small portion of the lower half of the barn with Sprayfoam Insulation, I guess this man lives there in the barn. I always thought that would be neat, to convert a barn to a home, but this barn wasn't really appropriate for such things. It was quite boring at the jobsite, it always is, but my uncle tends to liven things up at least to a point. The owner of the place came down at about 9, we'd been there since 8:30 or so, and he looked like he had just woke up and was kind of dazed. He had a funny messed up hair look about him.. and he talked really fast, and stuff.

It's odd how when you try to write about the day before you sometimes forget 90% of what happened. I give up. It was a funny day, I swear!

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