Notes from the Surf

Normally I don't like nature pics like these, but this one is something else:

People in our family have bought timeshares... which makes this article scarier:

You might have heard that photographs widely distributed in the media of the Iranian missile tests turned out to be photoshopped. Here's some more for a chuckle:

And it's not just the Iranians doctoring photos - in the world of journalism, this is competition at its best:

Kind of funny. We no longer consider Nelson Mandela a terrorist?

Sarcastic comment about "King George" this past Independence Day:

Funny (though not entirely fair) portrayal of a political campaign event:

Christopher Hitchens volunteers to get waterboarded... hmm, would you rather try that or try getting tazed? That's the question of the day:

Accidentally came across this on Yahoo! Answers - has the CIA really been involved in all this, and if so, is there stuff we don't know about?

Karl Rove happens to leave the US when asked to testify - I wonder where he's really going?

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