A legendary Finnish computer game designer.

Tapanimäki didn't release too many games, but the ones he did were pretty damn good, well designed and, overall speaking, very polished and professionally made. He Knew What To Do.

In addition to the games, he wrote to Finnish computer magazines, specifically MikroBitti and C=-lehti. The articles in C=-lehti about the intricacies of the Commodore 64 were definitely worth their weight in gold. The rest of the articles were fairly normal (game reviews, news, and such). He also published a book called C64 Pelintekijän Opas ("C64 game programmer's guide"), ISBN 951-832-016-0.

I don't have too many details about his more recent activities, but I just heard that he died some time in 2001 - not too much information on exact time, though. =( ::big sobs:: I shall call the raster bar effect "Tapanimäki bars" for all of the eternity in His honor!

A bit of a ludography

  • Aikaetsivä (Triosoft 1987) - not released
  • Octapolis (English Software 1987)
  • Netherworld (Hewson 1998)
  • Zamzara (Rack'It 1988)
  • Moonfall (Hewson 1991) - released late, JT didn't like the conversions to other platforms at all, and got only a fraction of the payment when Hewson went bankrupt.

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