A site for a humorous look on cryptology, which lampoons academic journals on the subject, maintained by Dr. Lars Knudsen and Dr. Vincent Rijmen, among others, and hosted on Dr. Knudsen's website at http://www.ii.uib.no/~larsr/crap.html. The site describes itself as:

The Journal of Craptology is an electronic journal on cryptologic issues. Papers accepted for publication in the Journal of Craptology relate to cryptology and fall into one or several of the following categories.

  1. It is funny.
  2. It is controversial.
  3. It is crap.

To give a taste of the sort of humor on the site (which as one might expect appeals to people in the business of cryptology and information security) here are some examples:

From John Gordon's "Terms used in the disciplines of cryptography, IT security, and Risk analysis":

DES n. Abbr. Cryptographic algorithm with key size chosen so that it can be Decrypted Easily by Security agencies.

Zero-knowledge proof n. Rigorous demonstration that a rival is not just incompetent but ignorant.

From "Practical Key Recovery" by David Beynon:

Practical cryptography is a technique that generally involves locating either the sender or the recipient of an encrypted message and persuading them to surrender the secret keys required to decipher the message. Traditionally this has involved such diverse techniques as high voltages, threats to family and, most famously, 3 foot lengths of rubber hose.

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