Josh Woodward is a prolific independent musician from Findlay, Ohio. All of his extensive portfolio is available for free download under a Creative Commons license on his website, which describes his music as acoustic rock. Releasing his discography for free is a notable decision, which he has discussed on his blog:

I'm kinda done with trying to "sell" music, at least in the active-voice sense of the word "sell". I'd rather spend my time making music rather than figuring out how to get a few heroes to open their wallets...

... I'm not sure that music and commerce are meant to share a toothbrush. ... In the old days, making a recording was so expensive that you had to worry about making money from it. These days, while the perceived value of music is lower, the cost of making it is also much lower. Anyone with a few hundred dollars and some music skills can record and put out a good CD. Rather than a handful of popular musicians, there is now easy access to unthinkable numbers of niche musicians like myself. The money might not be there for us, but (a) now the audience is, and (b) the money was never there in the past anyway, since we wouldn't have had enough broad appeal. As easy as it is to complain that nobody pays for music anymore, it's easier to forget that indie musicians are, on the whole, better off for it.
Josh Woodward, Adios, Preview Club!

Josh Woodward's music is diverse and characterful, with a remarkable sense of cohesion between tracks on each CD. His lyrics are always crisp and clearly audible, which is a big plus, because they are all worth hearing.

Some Notable Songs

Big Disco Ball (Crawford Street)

Our breath, it made clouds and they wrapped us like shrouds
To keep November from reaching our skin

A haunting waltz that describes a surreal night spent in the abandoned Bay Shore Roller Rink on Long Island. The lyrics are crisp, clear and inspiring; vivid enough to send tingles down your spine even after a hundred listenings.

Don't Close Your Eyes (No Album)

Light a candle, or curse the dark--it's all the same to me.

Sentimental and unassuming at first, this is a simple and powerful song that rises to an unobtrusive but gripping crescendo.

I Want to Destroy Something Beautiful (Dirty Wings)

Tonight, there's only an inch between pain and delight
And I'm full of Canadian whiskey and spite

Crashy and more than a little ridiculous, this song--inspired by the line in Fight Club--is inexplicably addictive.

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