Probably most famous as the co-author (with Helen McCarthy) of the fantastic 'The Anime Encyclopedia' - as well as the much-less-dodgy-than-it-sounds-honest-I-swear-to-God 'The Erotic Anime Movie Guide' - Jonathan Clements is a british-born writer/presenter/transator/all-round-fanboy who might best be described as the English Toren Smith, if not for the fact that he's into poetry, as well as anime.

Jonathan has written several books, translated over seventy anime, and written the scripts for the 2000AD audio dramas of Strontium Dog and Judge Dredd, as well as the episodic flight-sim Halcyon Sun. He also presented the anime segment on the UK Sci-fi Channel for about six months during 2002, and has been writing articles for the channel's website for a couple of years before that - some of which later appeared in Newtype USA, for which, along with the original Japanese version of the magazine, he is a regular contributor. He also used to edit the UK-based magazine Manga Max - a position which earned him an inclusion in the Japan Festival Awards for 1999 in recognition of his contribution to furthering the understanding of Japanese culture in the UK; he also recived his Master's degree from Stirling University for his research into anime and manga publishing.

At the time of writing, he often visits the #animeonscifi channel on quakenet, wednesday nights from about eight-o-clock Greenwich Mean Time, so be sure to catch him if you like any of his work.

Bibliography (possibly incomplete, /msg me if you know better):

- The Anime Encyclopedia (with Helen McCarthy)
- The Erotic Anime Movie Guide (with Helen McCarthy)
- The Moon in the Pines: Zen Haiku Poetry (as editor/translator)
- A Kid's Guide to the Movies
- Little Book of Chinese Proverbs
- Chinese Life
- The Dorama Encyclopedia (with Motoko Tamamuro)

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