This procedure is inferred from the "Exploding JohnnyCab" scene in the movie Total Recall, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  1. Grasp animatronic "driver" firmly, and with a steady pulling motion (being careful to avoid lower back injury) remove "driver" from its attatchment to the floor of the cab. Be careful to avoid sparks from the exposed wiring.
  2. Hurl "driver" into rear seat of cab.
  3. Move forward into driver's area, take hold of steering wheel, and "Drive! DRIVE!".
  4. Be sure to exit vehicle quickly upon stopping, as earlier removal of animatronic "driver" will cause a short-circuit near the fuel tank. The cab will explode shortly thereafter.

Movie logic. Who can figure it?
See also: JohnnyCab, Total Recall.

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