I was on a Boy Scout hike recently, and the outfitter gave us what he called "John Wayne Toilet Paper." When asked why it was named after John Wayne, the outfitter offered this explanation:

"Its rough, its tough, and it don't take no shit from anybody."

He was right.

I believe that line originates from this joke:

A native girl walks into a convenience store to get some toilet paper for her family. The only brand they have is the no-name kind, so she grabs a pack and brings it to the counter.

"Why is this toilet paper simply called 'no name'?" she asked the cashier.
"Well," the cashier said, "if you've got a better name I'd be glad to hear it."

A week later, the same native girl walks into the convenience store.

"I think I've got a name for that toilet paper of yours," she said.
"And what would that be?" the cashier replied.
"John Wayne," she said with a grin.
Puzzled, the cashier asked, "John Wayne? Why John Wayne?"

"Well, its rough, its tough, and it don't take no shit from Indians."

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