The 14th chief of Clan Lamont, he was the last to be styled Lamont of Lamont. His name is the source of some confusion, as he is also referred to as Sir James Lamont. It is known that he was born in Argyll in the early 17th century, and educated at Glasgow University. He married Mary Young of Clan Young, and fathered at least 4 sons, John, William, one whose first name is unknown, and Andrew. His immediate family fled Scotland following the massacre at Toward Castle in 1646. Imprisoned by the Campbells following the massacre, he was freed when Oliver Cromwell invaded Scotland in 1651. He lived out his days on the Isle of Bute, often riding to the coast to look upon the ruins of his home, Toward Castle. Though the truth cannot be known for certain, it is likely that he never knew that his wife and children had escaped to safety in Ireland. The date of his death, and the location of his grave, is unknown.

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