American author, started out as a pulp fiction writer in every genre from sports to science fiction. He gained the most noteriety in mysteries. His series of Travis McGee novels are what he is most famous for. McGee is an odd sort of non-detective who helps people recover things they have lost (for a standard fee of 50% of the recovery). These are finely written paperbacks, which read quickly but have a feeling of craftmanship about them despite their apparent lightness. He wrote from the 40's (he first published during WWII). His novels of the 50's and 60's contained concerns for the environment which were way ahead of their time.

MacDonald also wrote Cape Fear which was made into a feature film 1962 starring Robert Mitchum and Gregory Peck and then re-made in 1991 with Robert De Niro.

Born 24 July 1916
Died 28 December 1986
The "D" is for Dann.

(This node is a work in progress: I'll be adding a lot of detail in the future, as MacDonald is a favorite of mine and there's lots to say. I just started it tonight on a whim)

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