There are two different kinds of "Job Surfing". The first one is what almost everyone does at one time or another in their life. The second one is something that people never think to do but probably should.

  1. To look through newspapers, magazines, bulletin boards and web sites searching tirelessly for a job. Probably the most dreaded of activities. You get out your high lighter, your "nice clothes" and put on a plastic smile in hopes that you can find a job before rent is due and you have to opt for a job at McDonalds instead. Type a resume; why so I can hand someone a sheet of paper with my name on it and a bunch of sparse blank space interrupted by three lines describing my job as a dishwasher at El Bertittos and how I really want a job in the ever expanding world of the fast food industry?. In the end, if you even get a job its because
    • You got hooked up by a friend
    • Its a job almost as bad as McDonalds
    • You went to a Temp Agency

  2. This is what my friends to. Its just like giving yourself a raise. :)
    • Get a job as a tech support, put 6 months under your belt so that you have phone service skills.
    • Next, hunt down another job in the tech industry at an ISP or something. Learn everything you can about Linux and whatnot, stay there for 6 months.
    • Now the trick is, you find another local ISP that will hire you, tote your experience and then tell them that you want to be paid more than your last job.
    • Keep doing this, move in the direction you are interested in so you can specialize in what you want.
    • Eventually not only will it be easy as pie to get a new job but you will actually get job offers out of the blue for disgusting amounts of money.

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