"Come on everybody,
C-C-Come on everybody"

Furthermore known as 'Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers'. Jive Bunny was the bandname for father-and-son DJ team John and Andrew Pickles of Rotherham, England. Between 1989 and 1991 the duo released a series of hugely-popular albums and singles, all of which were essentially medlies of old rock'n'roll numbers (and Glen Miller) with house percussion and sampling tricks. They were so tacky as to be endearing, enormously catchy and danceable, and the records were particularly popular amongst the kind of people who nowadays like Steps. Had they gone to art school, the Mastermixers would nowadays hold the same reputation as The KLF.

The first three Jive Bunny singles topped the UK pop charts, and between 1989 and 1991 the duo sold over three million albums and singles in the UK alone. The bunny itself was rather ratty-looking, and the records are quite hard to get hold of nowadays. Noel Coward's line about the potency of cheap music has never applied more aptly than to Jive Bunny.

Scarily, Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers still release albums today, although they seem like a relic from a bygone age.

'Jive Bunny' is probably racist slang, too.

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