Nicknamed "Double X", James Emory Foxx was born in Suldersville, Maryland on October 22, 1907. He began his career with the Philadelphia Athletics in 1927, hit the peak of his career with the Boston Red Sox, and finished the tail end of his career with the Cubs and A's. Described as the right-handed Babe Ruth, he was known for his monster swings and tape measure home runs.

Foxx hit 30 home runs in a season for a record 12 consecutive years, and drove in over 100 RBI in 13 straight seasons (another record). His .609 career slugging percentage is fourth on the all-time list, and his 1921 RBI ranks sixth.

In 1932, Foxx won the MVP award while slugging 58 homers. He would have tied Ruth's mark of 60 but two were stricken from the record due to rain. The following year, he won the MVP again, this time adding a Triple Crown to his trophy case by batting .356, hitting 48 home runs, and driving in 163 runs. He won another MVP in 1938, and was named an All-Star six times.

Foxx was elected to the Hall Of Fame in 1951 with 79.2% of the vote, and died on July 21, 1967 in Miami, Florida.

Jimmie Foxx - Career Stats

   G   AB    R    H  2B  3B  HR  RBI SB   BB    K .AVG .OBP .SLG
2317 8134 1751 2646 458 125 534 1921 87 1452 1311 .325 .428 .609

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One of my favorite baseball stories...

After the 1935 season in which the Philadelphia Athletics finished dead last in the American League, Jimmie's team owner called him in and told Jimmie he was getting a paycut from $40,000 to $25,000.

Jimmie said, "But boss, I had a great year. I hit .346 with 35 home runs."

The team owner said, "That's true, but we could have finished last without you."

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