In the followup to the Beast Wars series called Beast Machines, the Maximals return to Cybertron to find a changed world. Missing two of their own (Silverbolt and Rhinox), unable to transform, and having no recollection of what has transpired since the time they left prehistoric Earth, they were caught wholly unprepared for what awaited them. Cybertron was a barren planet, ruled by Megatron, the leader of the rogue Predacons they had fought during the Beast Wars. His ideal of technological purity for Cybertron was enforced at first by legions of mindless Vehicon drones but later by three generals designed to control the drones: Tankor, Thrust, and Jetstorm. To Jetstorm fell the task of commanding the aerodrones.

The Basics

Jetstorm was a completely self-absorbed egotist, caring for nothing but himself. He often spoke like a game show host and used popular catch phrases of the time (whassup and gotta catch 'em all! come to mind) but sometimes his voice changed to a nasty snarl. He strongly disliked Tankor and tolerated Thrust, but had a nasty habit of sucking up to Megatron every chance he got. Referring to him as "magnificence" and putting on false airs of humility in his presence, Jetstorm was nevertheless an asset for Megatron's army. He was cruel and absolutely contemptuous of the organic Maximals. He led his aerodrones in combat against them on many occasions, though he had extremely minimal success because the series couldn't have very well continued if he suddenly killed all of them. But I digress.

Ruh roh!

In the middle of the first season, the Maximals discovered that the slow-witted general Tankor actually possessed the spark of their comrade Rhinox. Unfortunately, the Rhinox they knew had long since left; he embraced Megatron's vision of a completely technological Cybertron and fought against his former friends for the remainder of his tenure on the series. The Maximals then began to wonder whether or not the other two Vehicon generals were former comrades of theirs as well, and if so, could they be saved from Megatron's influence? Blackarachnia became convinced through a series of events that Thrust, commander of the cycle drones, possessed the spark of her former love Silverbolt, a noble and chivalrous Maximal fuzor concerned for the well-being of all of his fellow Maximals. She attempted to reach out to him on many occasions, but Jetstorm often broke up the somewhat happy reunions through a combination of explosions, violence, and threats directed at Thrust. At one point, Jetstorm even extracted Blackarachnia's own spark and (presumably) planned to bring it to Megatron for ransom or termination. Luckily for our heroes, the self insertion character Nightscream managed to retrieve it from the airborne villain.

"I don't care who you think I was, Silverbolt has left the building!

During one battle, Blackarachnia attempted to retrieve the Silverbolt personality from Thrust via a mysterious liquid from the once-organic core of Cybertron. Much to our surprise and her chagrin, Thrust wasn't Silverbolt at all...rather, he was the former Predacon Waspinator that Blackarachnia detested so much. Jetstorm arrived to bail his fellow general out, but was accidentally covered with the organic liquid and it was revealed that he, in fact, was Silverbolt. However, their reunion didn't last long as the organic liquid quickly evaporated and Silverbolt reverted back to being Jetstorm. Predictably, Blackarachnia remained fixated on Jetstorm. Unfortunately for her, Jetstorm was not so eager to settle down into a life of marital bliss with the enemy. He tried to distance himself from her, but at the beginning of the second season, his defenses were weakening. Thrust snapped him out of it, but things came to a head in the episode "In Darkest Knight" when Blackarachnia attached a DNA scanner onto Jetstorm's back and it scanned the remains of an organic condor in Cybertron's catacombs. Jetstorm was then reformatted into Silverbolt and the cruel aerial general was gone, but certainly not forgotten. Silverbolt lacked the chivalry and nobility that had earlier defined his character and he instead became cynical and bent on revenge. He cared little for Blackarachnia's advances and even less for his team-mates. As aerodrone commander, Jetstorm was eventually replaced by Obsidian, a resurrected general from Cybertron's ancient past.

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