A 1973 song by ZZ Top off of their third record Tres Hombres immediately following the song Waitin' for the bus without any delay due to a sound engineer having accidentally cut too much blank tape. It just so happens that the two tracks flow really well—so much so that ZZ top often perform the two together live. Waitin' for the Bus is funky and a little faster on the beat while Jesus Just Left Chicago is heavy on the bass.

Jesus Just Left Chicago is an homage in part to the blues, Muddy Waters, Chicago and the Mississippi. And Jesus. The song as a whole is a big nod to the gospel music station WLS out of Chicago which can be heard from all points in between

This is a good song to put on a mix for your next trip. And if you wanna streeeeeetch those miles out, look for a live one. Phish does an excellent cover (their most polished being on Slip Stitch and Pass) as does Gov't Mule.

Minor confession of ignorance on my part: for the longest time I thought this ditty was first done by Muddy Waters . .  .


You might not see him in person but he'll see you just the same.



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