British journalist and TV presenter Jeremy Paxman presents University Challenge and Newsnight on BBC 2 and Start The Week on Radio 4.He is well known for his agressive interview technique - famously asking Michael Howard the same question ('did you threaten to overrule him') 14 times in a row, when Howard refused to answer. Henry Kissinger once walked out on him during a live interview.

He is also the author of:
A Higher Form Of Killing (with novelist Robert Harris) - a history of chemical and biological warfare, which is also one of the few books to find any real evidence for the frequent conspiracy theory that AIDS was the result of US biological warfare research, although the book doesn't explicitly make that claim ;
Friends In High Places, an examination of the British Establishment;
The English, a history of the people of England;
and he is the editor of Fish, Fishing and the Meaning of Life, whose title is self-explanatory.

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