There is a holy trinity of B actors: Eric Roberts, Billy Zane; and of course, the illustrious Jeff Fahey. Never heard of these freaks, you say? Well. Each actor has released over 15 feature length films... Thing is, most films have gone directly to video. And most of these films are God-Awful, soul-sucking horrendous. God I love Jeff Fahey.

You might remember Fahey from his supporting roles in movies such as "Silverado" and "Wyatt Earp," or maybe even "The Lawnmower Man." But you might not know that Fahey is a certifiable movie star overseas, top-billed in dozens of thrillers and action films (search the Net and you'll find numerous Web sites paying homage to the hard-working actor). Strolling through the hallways of the Loews Hotel, where distributors at the AFM hawk their wares, you'd have seen posters for some of his latest: "The Sculptress," "Blind Heat" (co-starring the venerable Maria Conchita Alonso) and "Epicenter."

To me, Fahey's most famous role to date has been that freaky guy from "The Lawnmower Man." Yeah, that one "your ass is grass" movie. His character, a simpleton given terrible powers, is exactly the opposite of his usual fare.

Jeff Fahey is the last true action hero. Tougher than Jean Claude, more vulnerable than Arnold--Fahey just has this look. He takes no guff, no way no how... but he's also broody as all hell. The Shannon Tweed of made for cable, Fahey was trained as a dancer. (They're all trained as dancers.) Studios love him because he's cheap and extremely prolific. Evidently, there isn't a screenplay that he's turned down. Maybe he needs the broody wonder of being an action god to keep on going... Hard to tell.

Hmmm. There must be something more for me. Sorry if this is sounding way trite, but I just can't get my finger on it... Maybe it's because Jeff Fahey does not descriminate between "Silverado" or "Crackerjack 2: Hostage Train." There's something so pure about that. Hell. Maybe I'm on crack. :D

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