Jean-Louis Gassee has been called the most quotable man in Silicon Valley- some of the larger Be sites keep a copy of a file labelled "The Quotable JLG"- it's worth a read, if only because he makes fun of Apple, Microsoft, and himself. Here's an example:

Bill Gates: Since 1984, a contest has been held on usenet for the most unreable, creative, bizzare, but working C program.
What is the name of this contest?

Moderator: Contest held on usenet for the most bizzare C program, but one that works. Anybody want to give it a shot? Going Once, going twice. Got nothing to loose, give it a shot here somebody? (Ring) Alright, Jean-Louis Gassee...

Jean-Louis: Windows.

Roar of Applause from audience

- Computer Bowl, 1993
Jean-Louis Gassee, co-founder and CEO of Be, Inc..

Prior to Be, Inc. he had worked for Exxon Office, HP and Apple, where he headed the french subsidiary and later the products development dept. JLG enjoys a recognition for his quotes, his occasional motorcycler's outfit and his french lifestyle.

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