I'm a fan of the Rabbit, even though the game itself is not much (side-scroller, somewhat repetitive). To me, it's the great music for the levels, each with a retro 80's/early 90's feel: Journey-like guitar for the dungeon levels, lush instrumental pop (think prime-time soap music) for the Royal Gardens, the epitome of 80's synthi-pop for the futuristic level, New Age for underwater. The levels themselves contain witty allusions: the dungeons are straight out of Piranesi, the Halloween level is New England late fall done just right (with reggae, who knew?), and the Hell level has direct quotes from Dante: it's a cold place of sapient trees, with animate skeletons and blind crows (not in Dante, but who cares?) as villains.

The various kinds of foodstuffs (eat 20 and get a sugar rush) are also a fascination: initially, fruits, of various kinds, in Colonial/Early Victorian levels, they're all pies and hams, in the 60's, candy bars and sandwiches, in the Ghost levels, vanilla softcones, in Hell, sausages.

I will not hesitate to say that I often play it just to sightsee.

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